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Ban Animal Gas Chambers in Illinois

To ~  ~ Senator Michael W. Frerichs. Senator Linda Holmes, Senator Toi W. Hutchinson, Senator John O. Jones, Senator David Koehler , SenatorWm. Sam McCann, Senator Kyle McCarter, Senator Sue Rezin, Senator Martin A. Sandoval, Senator John M. Sullivan.

Whilst there is legislation in place that restricts the use of Gas Chambers in Illinois, we ask that there be a new bill to ban their use completely & make EBI (Euthanasia by Injection) The ONLY method used to euthanize in ALL animal shelters.

As Human beings we have a duty to other species, to treat them humanely & responsibly. The fact so many animals are being killed to begin with is a breach of that responsibility. But as we seem to have little choice but to deal with over population this way the very least we can do is Kill these poor animals in a fast, pain & stress free manor. Gas Chambers are not any of these things, & it is shameful they are still in use in the U.S today.
We urge you to make Illinois a State that bans this awful practice.

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  • Senators sitting on the Agriculture & Conservation committee in Illinois

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