Ban Andy Quito From all Social Media, he has no sympathy for people with disabilities

Ban Andy Quito From all Social Media, he has no sympathy for people with disabilities

April 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Michael Ortiz

Andy Quito has been out of control Cyberbullying these individuals on YouTube 


Andys Randomness

Kamper News Network

Passengers United 

This scandal started when Andy Q started sending a message to Pinepowerli on YouTube on his town, when this started he began to trespass anyone form entering his neighborhood where many people use the area to connect to buses or trains to get to work, school or a leisure active during their free time. And he has been spreading a ton of false information on the internet, such as claiming that someone films women at a train station which is false because I have never seen John Michno do that. At one point he even gave away the address of those individuals those being Pinepowerli, and Andys Randomness so that he can protest in their property, which is putting their lives in danger. He has also has been saying death threats on the internet, as well as lying at a MTA Board Meeting. at one point he harassed a female by calling her a gold digger.  Also he insulted MTA Bus Transit Fanner which is unacceptable, because he basically assaulted a minor online. Not only that at one point he even gave out Pinepowerli’s phone number, and email as well. He is also sending his minions to spy on people using the subway, so it is a important that he gets arrested too.

He is Still on YouTube as Andy Q 99 (previously used names NYCLife67, Real NYC Guy, and Andy from NYC)

Instagram: @quitoandy

Twitter: @andyquito3

Facebook: @Andy Quito  

Snapchat: @andyquito54

TikTok: @andyquito99

We have been begging YouTube and the other Social Media giants to take down his accounts and he has been reported for harassment and cyberbullying many times and nothing is done about it. 

He should also be banned from having access to VPNs so that he cannot make more accounts to harass disabled individuals 

By signing this petition we can make a difference and have his platforms terminated once and for all. 

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Signatures: 75Next Goal: 100
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