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Ban all snake and reptile skin products in the EU!

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Every year millions of snakes, lizards, crocodiles and alligators are farmed or hunted and killed for their skins - to be used for footware, clothing, belts and countless other fashion accessories.

Python shoes, boots, belts, jackets and skirts are being fashioned from snakes’ skin and items made from exotic skins come with a high price – and that it's paid by the animals who are torn away from their jungle homes and cruelly killed; this illicit trade can even have terrible consequences for fragile eco-systems around the world.

Snakes killed for their skin are often nailed to trees and skinned alive before being tossed into a pile to die. They can suffer for days before succumbing to shock or dehydration. Pythons often have a hose inserted into their mouth and are pumped full of water to make them easier to skin. Alligators on farms are often beaten with hammers and sometimes take up to two hours to die.

If you need more proof that reptiles suffer when they are exploited for fashion, see the pictures and watch the videos on our website:

With tons of fashionable and cruelty-free alternatives such as fake snake and mock croc available, there is no reason for ANY animal to suffer to become a fashion accessory for humans. 

We think that this industry is disgustingly cruel and that this trade must be stopped and we kindly request that the European Union bans the sale of any and all products made from reptile skins in the European Union.

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