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Ban ALL Ivory in the U.S. to Stop Cruel Elephant Poaching

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Across the U.S., the illegal ivory trade is booming -- and elephants are being tortured and killed as a result.

Brutal poachers shoot the elephants, then saw off their tusks while the animal is still alive, causing excruciating pain. Once the poacher has the tusks, they’ll leave the elephant to die an agonizing, slow death.

Some particularly cruel poachers assault baby elephants to goad their mothers into approaching. Then, the poacher will shoot the panicked mother and take her tusks.

Other poachers find horrifically creative ways to kill these gentle animals. One poisoned a popular watering hole with cyanide, killing 80 innocent elephants. Poachers do not care how much pain they cause—all they care about is making money from the ivory. Poachers brutally kill approximately 30,000 elephants a year.

While ivory import is prohibited by federal law, there is a glaring loophole: people can still buy and sell "antique" ivory items inside the U.S. This opens the door for poachers to pass their illegal ivory off as legal.

California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington are the only states with their own ivory bans. Meanwhile, other areas have turned into veritable illegal ivory hubs. In fact, a recent investigation found that the ivory trade in Washington, D.C. has tripled in the past 10 years.

To stop cruel poachers from selling their illegal ivory in the country, the U.S. must ban the sale of ivory entirely. Sign this petition to tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that you want ivory banned nationwide, saving countless elephants from needless and painful deaths.

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