Ban advertising on the Sydney Opera House

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The NSW State Government has decided that the side of the iconic and world-famous architectural gem, the Sydney Opera House, will be emblazoned with promotional material for the upcoming Everest horse race.

Despite the stance of the Opera House’s CEO against certain aspects of that marketing, it seems that a bit of berating by broadcaster Alan Jones has forced the Premier’s hand in instructing that the name of the race, but not the names of horses, will be illuminated on the Opera House.

Is this what we want our landmarks to become? Billboards for horse races or whatever else sounds like a good idea at the time?

I urge you to sign this petition if you are against this type of abuse of public landmarks.

Let’s get to 10,000 signatures. The various MPs that are across this have all been included as recipients of your email so you will be able to make your signature felt at the right level.