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I want to thank everyone that took part in my mission. EMM has contacted me and I can CONFIRM that this individual is NO LONGER AN ACTIVE AND APPROVED TRAINER WITH MHF OR EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER!  

This individual has willingly withdrew himself from the competition and the Mustang (not horse in video) that he acquired is being returned to BLM due to his actions towards another horse.


Click link to see video:


Eli Slabaugh is a horse “trainer” that competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions. Recently a second video of him “training” a horse was released. The video shows Slabaugh lunging the horse while PULLING him/her down then WHIPPING the animal. A few seconds later you see Slabaugh KICK the horse as well. There was another video so this video is a second event of this happening. There was a previous video of him that was reported but he was still able to compete. 


I am told that the owner of the horse in the video was the one recording the video. I don’t know if this is true or not but IF THIS IS TRUE the horse community is asking Law Enforcement and Animal Control that this individual be held accountable just as much as the trainer as well the horse being taken away.


To whom it may concern 

 I’m writing you on behalf of the horse community to let everyone in charge at ANY EQUINE EVENTS know that the act that this poor excuse of a human did in the video shown is UNACCEPTABLE, DISGUSTING and most of all WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Myself and the rest of the horse community are standing by this petition to have Eli Slabaugh BANNED from competing as well as his horses being taken away until he recieves punishment. The horse community and myself are letting you know that if he isn’t banned from equine events and doesn’t receive thorough training your organization that welcomes HIM (Eli Slabaugh) and any other people who treat animals like this WILL BE PROTESTED HEAVILY.

Your organization would not be where it is today without the fans and supporters you guys have.


The Horse Community