Justice for Freddie Gray: Get the Officers Involved Fired

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On Sunday, April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray was twenty-five years old.  He was able to walk.  He was able to talk.  He was able to breathe.  After being unlawfully arrested by officers from the Baltimore City Police Department, and while in police custody, he lost the ability to talk.  He lost the ability to walk.  He lost the ability to breathe.  And, after clinging to life for 7 days, he died.  This was all captured on a citizen video of his arrest, which showed Gray screaming and writhing in pain. He left behind a grief-stricken family, a heart-broken fiancée, and a sorrowful step-daughter to-be. Its been 5 years at this point since Freddie's life was unjustly taken from him and justice still has not been served.

Freddie was arrested and abused like this for possessing a "switchblade", which upon further investigation he didn't even have. 

"The Baltimore Police Department waited until the day after Freddie Gray died to publicly disclose that he had been arrested for possession of an illegal switchblade. But when State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the charges against the six police officers, she claimed, “The knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under Maryland law.”(Rolling Stone) 

Now the six officers that tortured or were complicit in the torture of Freddie, after very little penalty (Mostly just paid leave) they are back on the force, and still in power.

“They were offered positions outside the patrol division, and they’re satisfied with their assignments,” said Michael Davey, the attorney for the union that represents Baltimore police officers. “All they wanted to do was serve.”(The Baltimore Sun)

Well, all Freddie wanted to do was live. 

Also, there is some evidence to support that BPD expunged internal affairs files and misconduct claims against their officers (76 since 2016) read more about that here

This Petition is calling for the immediate removal and firing of the officers involved, Alicia White, Brian Rice, Caesar Goodson Jr., Edward Nero, Garrett Miller, and William Porter. All of whom are still employed by BPD and again faced very minimal discipline if any at all. People who feel alright about themselves after treating another person like that should not be in a position of power or a position to ever do this or be complicit in something like this ever again.

Freddie was somebody's baby boy. He was somebody's best friend. He was somebody's dad. But most importantly he was a human being, and nobody should ever be treated like that, especially by the people who are supposed to keep us safe from that.

Baltimore Police Department- Internal Affairs

Phone: 410.396.2300