Justice for Destiny Harrison!

Justice for Destiny Harrison!

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Destiny Harrison, a 21 year old mother, entrepreneur, and black business owner was shot to death inside of her Baltimore Hair Salon...right in front of her 1 year old daughter. 

Destiny had called the police on December 9, regarding a robbery and assault that took place in her salon. In written testimony, Harrison accused one of the suspects of holding her down while the other one hit and stomped on her after she demanded her property back. The people who robbed her took $3000 worth of hair bundles. She filed charges against 2 people who lived near her salon as she recognized their faces when they were robbing her. The police took no form of action. Destiny reportedly asked for help and protection...she received neither. Destiny's criminal complaint included these fears, "I was scared for my life and my business".

12 days later, those fears came to life. On December 21, the Baltimore Police Department responded to a shooting at the salon, the MadamD Beauty Bar, just to find 21 year old Destiny Harrison shot in the head. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died. Destiny's 1 year old daughter was at the salon when her mother was shot. This beautiful young girl who has lost the most important figure in her life and will now have to live with the trauma of witnessing the murder of her mother. "Destiny loved her daughter; that was the light of her life," said Destiny's mother. "That was probably the most pivotal moment in her life, was her daughter."

There have been no arrests in the case of Destiny Harrison. The murder occurred on December 23, 2019 in Southeast Baltimore. Please sign and share this petition to raise awareness of the death of Destiny Harrison. The Baltimore Police Department needs to be given a wakeup call. Baltimore holds the record for the highest homicide rates per capita at 338 killings. Cases like these need to be taken more seriously by the police. Thousands of black women have lost their lives over petty crimes and it is our job to ensure that they receive justice. Right now, it is our responsibility to ensure that Destiny's family attains justice.