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Recently, the AAA video game developer Capcom expressed interest in reviving their old intellectual properties, pending the expressed interest of the fans. Personally, I am a long-time fan of their Mega Man franchise. It has proven to be one the most successful flagship properties in Capcom's history, and in the history of video games as a whole. However, many would agree that the crown jewel of the franchise has been the Mega Man X series.

This series followed the protagonist, X, who was the first in a new generation of robots with the capacity to think and feel for themselves. After spending 30 years in a capsule made to test his internal systems for reliability, he was happened upon by a scientist known as Dr. Cain, who used X's design to inspire the creation of what would come to be called "Reploids." For one reason or another, many of these Reploids malfunctioned and began to attack humanity, and were labeled "Mavericks" by the humans. In search for his true purpose, and guided by messages and enhanchements tailored specifically to him by his late creator, Dr. Light, X serves as a Maverick Hunter to bring peace to the world in the wake of a horde of machines clamoring to usurp it.

Following Keiji Inafune's less than amicable separation from Capcom, and with the disappointing reception of his spiritual successor for the series, Mighty No. 9, there has been doubt that the Mega Man franchise would ever see the light of day again. But with Capcom's recent outreach, we may have an opportunity here to make a statement that could set them back on the path to reclaiming their former glory.

Baltimore Knife and Sword, the current hosts and proprietors of the YouTube series "Man at Arms: Reforged," have proven uniquely capable of bringing fantasy weapons and armor from all media to life, much to the joy of fans everywhere. Their work has been featured in, and paid homage to, many AAA film and video game productions since the series debut on February llth, 2013. Given their history, their connections, and the consistent quality of their work, I believe they are poised as the best possible candidates for this project.

What I propose is that Matt, Kerry, and the rest of the Man at Arms: Reforged team create a real statue rendition of the character Mega Man X. Not a true-to-game reproduction of the character, but their own version of the character as he might appear in real life. Combined with the efforts of prop builders they feel best suited for the task, this X statue would possess a face with the appearance of real human flesh and anatomy, and their unique vision of the hyper-advanced technology Dr. Light would have used to create him.

I feel most would settle for X’s in-construction, incomplete upper torso and head. And, in keeping true to the purpose of the series, their vision for a sword based on Zero’s Z-Saber. But knowing this team’s dedication to quality and pleasing the fans, it would not surprise me if they went above and beyond the call of duty with the possibility of a full body, animatronic effects, and maybe even the capsule in which X was discovered. And since the series has already created a sword from one of Capcom's other series, Fire Emblem, I believe that they may be familiar enough with this series to do it justice. Regardless of what they come up with, I have no doubt that this statue would serve as a powerful message to Capcom that could not only inspire the revival of this beloved series, but inspire an all-new direction that would breathe new life into it and repair Capcom’s damaged reputation in the eyes of the fans.

Since the Man at Arms: Reforged team looks to the fans for new project suggestions, most of their work has been inspired by films and games currently in the limelight. So, instead of relying on YouTube comments to back such an elaborate idea, I am turning directly to the fans of this series. I am looking for a minimum of 2,000 signatures before I approach the team with this proposal. But, of course, more is always better. If you are a fan of Capcom, and especially of the Mega Man X series, please sign, comment, and share this with any friends or social groups you can.

You can find the entire Man at Arms series in this playlist. Be sure to subscribe to their host channel, Awe me, for future videos. And if you support this idea, I would encourage you to leave comments notifying the channel and the team about it. Share this petition on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #RealMegamanX. Spread it as far as you can!

Let’s make X a reality!

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