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Baltimore County residents -- Demand change at Animal Control!

The Baltimore County Animal Shelter kills the vast majority of the ~7,000 dogs and cats brought to them every year.  The worst part is, most of the killing is not done out of any sort of need, but simply because it is convenient.  The attitude of the directors seems to be to kill the animals as soon as legally possible.  They refer to this as the animals being "out of time."  


UPDATE 06/20/11:  THANKS TO YOU BCAC has supposedly suspended the use of the "Safe Pet Kennels" at police precincts.  Let's make sure this change is permanent -- keep the pressure on!

UPDATE 5/25/11:  The Health Department has issued a response to this petition which basically affirms many of the points made while providing threadbare excuses as "justification" for the failures at the shelter.  We need to let them know that their excuses will no longer fly.


8 facts that you should know Baltimore County Animal Control!

1.  Baltimore County Animal Control ("BCAC") kills all animals who have been in the shelter for 4 days even if there are plenty of open cages, regardless of adoptability or health.  And that's just for strays -- there is no holding period for animals surrendered to the shelter by their owners, and most are not even given a chance for adoption but are immediately killed.  If the owner of a stray animal is identified, the owner has only 72 hours to reclaim their dog or cat before the shelter kills it. 

2.  BCAC does not spay or neuter any animal before adoption, adding to the population of unwanted animals in the County.

3.  BCAC will not allow Pit Bull Terriers to be adopted, condemning them to death for their breed alone. There is no law against owning any particular breed of dog in BaltimoreCounty -- this is an arbitrary policy created by the powers that be at the shelter.  Other shelters in Baltimore County adopt out Pit Bulls.

4.  BCAC refuses to implement Trap-Neuter-Return for feral cats although it's been scientifically proven to work through decades of research.  The policy of trapping and killing feral cats is inhumane and has proven ineffective.  Instead of supporting volunteer efforts, BCAC penalizes good Samaritans who are trying to control the cat population in their neighborhoods by fining them.

5.  BCAC requires that all stray animals be turned over to the shelter within 24 hours, but only is open to the public until 3 PM on Monday through Saturday. This limited schedule effectively bars working people from reclaiming their lost pets within the 4 day hold period for strays, which ultimately results in people’s pets being killed.  Additionally, BCAC has no legitimate lost/found matching system.

6.  BCAC refuses to accept the help of volunteers.  Volunteers are the cornerstones of any successful/humane animal shelter.

7.  BCAC forbids the posting of adoptable animals on the internet.  Social networking venues have proven to be invaluable resources for shelter animals across the country.  (Clarification:  Outsiders are not allowed to share information about adoptable animals on social networking sites or Craigslist.  The shelter has very recently (within the past two weeks) began utilizing Petfinder on a limited basis.  I would be surprised if most of the animals listed were actually still alive)

8.  BCAC utilizes inhumane "drop boxes" -- in which many cats and dogs die of exposure -- at police precincts throughout the county.  These metal boxes are not temperature-regulated and are checked only once a day at a maximum.  An animal could spend almost an entire day in sweltering or freezing conditions with no water or food.  UPDATE:  We have been informed that usage of the Safe Pet Kennels have been discontinued but are awaiting independently verification of this.


The current policies and procedures at Baltimore County Animal Control demonstrate a lack of compassion for animals and an attitude of indifference to their lives and well-being.  

If you are a Baltimore County resident, please, in addition to signing this petition, call or email your County Councilmember and State Senator (for Baltimore County) Bobby Zirkin to ask that the Baltimore County Animal Shelter and Baltimore County Animal Control be brought into the 21st century.  We can't allow our tax dollars to continue to finance this blatant disregard for the lives of companion animals.


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