Protect the Black Swans at Lake Wendouree, Ballarat!

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Protecting Black Swans at Lake Wendouree: Speed humps for Wendouree Parade

Speeding drivers are taking a toll on the Black Swans and other waterbirds. As the population of Ballarat grows, we expect this problem may also grow.

I am preparing a submission to Ballarat Council, to present in late August (at a public meeting). We intend to ask for speed humps, or even rumble strips, to slow down speeding drivers. At present there are just two pedestrian crossings in Wendouree Parade. By comparison, Gregory Street, with minimal bird life, has around 10 speed humps.

I will also raise the issue of fishing gear. Karen, of the WALA Animal Sanctuary, has found that discarded fishing gear presents a great risk to the birdlife at the lake.

If you are concerned about the future of the swans and other waterbirds at Lake Wendouree, could you please sign our petition?