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Bali Stop Killing & Eating Dogs !

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Dear Governor Made Mangku Pastika, We plead with you to stop your people stealing, killing, eating and all related brutal treatment of "man's best friend" in Bali.  We speak of the horrific Dog meat trade that has been exposed by Animals Australia and is happening right now to the beautiful dogs of Bali.

We the concerned citizens of Australia join together now to plead with you to not just regulate the trade, but to STOP it completely and outlaw it! making it a criminal offence to steal,kill and eat dog meat in Bali. It is a corrupt and cruel industry at every turn, and yet the industry continues to flourish in Bali! A place we once called paradise. This is shocking and appalling and this criminal behaviour is affecting millions of people who are devastated.

Our friends in Bali are losing their dogs by the thousands, so that criminals can  line their pockets! The butchers, thieves and traders, RW restaurants and so on.

People's beloved pet dogs and innocent strays are ending up in the food chain and then sold to tourists. 


Governor this is so shameful and heartbreaking to say the least. Bali tourism or travel to Bali will most definitely be effected until this is stopped completely and outlawed,  with those responsible held accountable and punished. 

We look forward to Bali being a safe paradise for dogs and tourists in the future. 

Thank you! 

Sinceley yours,

Citizens of Australia 

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