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Bali Elephant Camp: STOP daily abuse!

Sumatran elephants in Bali are often exploited. The Bali Elephant Camp, not to be confused with the 'Elephant Safari Park', is composed of inexperienced employees who use abuse to "train" these poor elephants. These sensitive animals are hanging on by a thread, their ages range from 0-15 years+. Babies are separated from their parents and chained to cement blocks, while the larger and more capable elephants are brutally beaten into moving through the daily routine. These poor animals are sick, distressed, and suffering. The amount of abuse they endure on a daily basis is devastating. Elephants at the camp are to go through a very strict routine, as tourists are instructed to sit on the teak wooden chair and pat the elephant's head while they trudge through water, walk in circles and sit on tiny logs while smiling for pictures. If they fail to complete this task, they are beaten with a bullhook, or what the employees call "elephant remote control", in plain view. These animals have large holes in their heads, and deep cuts on their bodies. Trainers have been quoted after their alleged abuse with comments such as " We breaking them in' before use them for ride" and "stupid stubborn animal and he got what he deserved". Please, do your part to help STOP anymore abuse, and shut this cruel camp down! Every voice makes a difference.

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    Cynthia Moss, Management
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    David, Founder
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  • Bali Endangered Animal Rescue
    Dr. Francine Neago
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    Yudisthira Swarga
  • Elephant Sanctuary, Hazyview
    Head of Organization (Elephant Sanctuary, Hazyview)

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