Cease the oil exploration activities of Cuadrilla in Balcombe. Revoke your decision to allow Cuadrilla to flow-test.

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The work of Cuadrilla poses an unacceptable level of risk to our water supply, air purity and overall environment. We, the undersigned, stand opposed to exploratory drilling or fracking for gas or oil because we believe that these activities put human health at risk, both of those living close to wells, but also of those whose water comes from an affected area.

Fracking involves initial exploratory drilling. This process needs a flare to burn off excess gases, there will always be a level of toxicity involved in flaring, which in our case will be 1.2 kilometres from the centre of our village. Evidence from abroad shows that these flares are dangerous and health problems have been associated with living close to these flares. There have been no studies conducted to prove the safety of the drilling/flaring/fracking process in the conditions we have in Balcombe.

Exploratory drilling involves putting chemicals into the ground, as does fracking. Evidence from abroad also shows that it is all too common for wells to leak with time. This has led to contamination of water supplies and, as a result, health problems in humans and animals.

In Balcombe we are at the thin end of the wedge. To make fracking wells profitable, multiple wells need to be drilled every few miles. Many areas across the country will soon find themselves under pressure to accept a drill company into their midst.

This form of energy production is polluting and will only increase our reliance on fossil fuels, whilst also contributing to the escalation of carbon emissions into our atmosphere. This investment should be channelled into renewable resources if we wish to create a world fit for our children to live in.

France, large regions of Germany and Holland, and New York State, among others, have moratoriums in place on fracking for these very reasons.

Please support us in our campaign, by supporting us you help support the fight against fracking countrywide. We hope to use this petition as a barometer to send to those agencies involved in making the decisions to allow Cuadrilla to drill or not. This does not replace making your own personal representations to the various bodies involved (The Environment Agency, WSCC, HSE, DECC, your MP) Thank you,