Justice for Robert Forbes

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Robert Forbes, a black man peacefully protesting the #BLM movement on 6/3/20, was struck and killed by a car driven by a white man, Timothy Keith Moore. The driver continued to drive until being chased down and apprehended by protestors. Bakersfield Police Department took Moore into custody but later reported that the "collision appeared to be an accident and that the driver did not intend to hit the protestor," and RELEASED Moore. There have been several social media posts circulating with the suspect standing around with the police and smoking a cigarette--not in handcuffs or appearing to be worried about the situation. The Bakersfield Police Department later came out with a statement claiming, "that the officers involved should have applied more physical force in the process." 

Earlier this year, Moore was arrested for conspiracy to transport/sell approximately $617,000 worth of narcotics in San Luis Obispo. To be released and have a valid driver's license only 4 months later seems highly unlikely--however, it happened. We demand justice for Robert Forbes by further investigating Timothy Moore and at least being charged for either California PC 192 (a) or (b) -- voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. Please sign this petition and help bring justice for Robert Forbes by further investigating Timothy Moore.