Replace Promenade Park Teeter Totter at Baker Ranch, Lake Forest California.

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For your children‘s safety, please help petition Baker Ranch Board of Directors to replace dangerous teeter totter located at Promenade Park in ages 2-5 play area. 

After being thrown forward at full force onto the metal teeter totter rated for ages 5-12, my 5 year old son sustained a concussion and broken nose. Fortunately he is healing since this tragic accident on Friday, April 6, 2018. 

Why is this specific Teeter Totter unsafe? It was designed for ages 5-12 yet installed in an ages 2-5 play area. There are no foot holds or flip guards to prevent children from being thrown onto the metal arm, like my son. There is no tension control to reduce speed and force which may minimize falls from equipment. 

An accident report was filed with Jamie Gould, Baker Ranch HOA Director who will be presenting recommendations to Baker Ranch Board of Directors at a closed Executive Session meeting this Thursday, April 19, 2018. 

Please voice your concern and demand action by the Baker Ranch Board of Directors to ensure playground equipment is safe for all children by replacing Teeter Totter.