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Stop Animal Abuse in Bahrain. Stop Dog Fighting and Gambling. Stop Illegal Breeding. Stop importing Huskies and Pitbulls in Bahrain. Urgent Shelter for all the Bahrain Stray Animals.

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In recent years there has been a staggering increase in the stray animal population in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Strays have become a common sight across the Kingdom and due to a general lack of education of animals , animal abuse has become rampant and widespread. Those involved in this abuse either do it recreationally or do it as they believe there is nothing wrong with abusing animals as they are only animals and are menance to society. Unfortunately in recent years a more sinister dimension of abuse has emerged. Dog fighting , animal fighting , animal baiting, puppy factories are just to name a few. The motivation of these individuals involved is profit and leisure. There is a total disregard to the animal involved, the bloodier the results the better.Spectators enjoy viewing vicious fights which at times can involve docile animals being pitted against a more aggresive opponent. Those who spectate get a kick out of watching an innocent animal being shreaded into pieces. Recreational abuse of animals has also become a common sight across the Kingdom in back streets and alley ways of certain areas. Those involved do it for pleasure and enjoy the pain and suffering they cause animals. The methods of abuse involved are to say the least sickening and disturbing. Over the years the authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain have made efforts to curb the animal abuse. The authorities especially recently have shown a willingness to address the abuse however this has had little or no impact  as abuse has become so widespread and accepted. Those involved in the abuse believe they are immune from consequences so much so that they publish picture and videos on social media with little or no fear. We need the authorities to do more as we have reached a critical point. Abuse has become almost socially accepted in certain social circles. We need these adhorent acts to be ceased. We request the authorities to engage with animal protection societies and charities to establish best practices in ending abuse once and for all. Any modern society cannot tolerate abuse and torture of innocent animals be it for pleasure , profit or whatever. We must act now, we need more strict and communicated punishments for animal abusers in Bahrain.The consequences of committing animal cruelty should be well known by all residents of Bahrain and enforced in a consistent and strick manor. Budget allocation for animal socities, programmes such as a Capture, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release CNVR will help the welfare of animals in the Kingdom in the long term. Better regulations of breeders and pet shops. Raise awareness around the proper treatment of animals. Awareness starts with the youngest generations. Many abuse complaints that surface the various animal welfare pages found on Facebook often cite cases of children capturing a stray animal and abusing it as if for fun. Children should learn from a young age to love and respect animals . To voice your support of improving the situation of animal welfare in the Kingdom of Bahrain, please sign and share this petition .

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