Ratan Kahar, the original composer of 'Genda Phool' be given credit for his work

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The Bengali Folk/Jhumur song 'Boroloker Biti Lo' was composed by Mr. Ratan Kahar. A man living in extreme poverty, who used to earn a living by tying bidis(small Indian cigars without filter). So much so, he wasn't able to fund the education of his children. 

The recently released music video 'Genda Phool' by Badshah, sung by Badshah and Payal Dev, starring Jacqueline Fernandes, released under the label of Sony Music India, features parts of the song 'Boroloker Biti Lo'. However, the composers, and makers of the mentioned music video, not only fails to give credit to Mr. Ratan Kahar, but also claims entirety of the lyrics to be their own composition. Neither has Mr. Kahar reported to have received any monetary compensation from this music video, or its producers. While some people are reaping the rewards of Mr Kahar's composition, he himself lives a life of penury, full of hardships. 

This petition is aimed at getting Mr. Kahar the due credit he deserves, as well as, hopefully, enable him to earn some money for his works and talent. In a recent interview with a news agency, Mr. Kahar has said he doesn't have the economic resources to take legal actions. Music is a universal platform and shouldn't only be reserved for those with means. The most underprivileged of the society, who create great music also deserve the limelight. This petition aims at achieving exactly that.

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