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Innocent dogs starved to death and shot in the head in Bacolod City, Neg. Occ., Philippines

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Bacolod City, Philippines, dog pound center is known as a high kill shelter for dogs killed through shooting the dog's head or by starving dogs to death. Local city's dog pound employees collect stray dogs within the city even if these dogs have owners, locked them in a small cell with no food and water for weeks, poking them with long sticks until the dogs are wounded,  eventually as the number of dogs impounded increases, the dogs are killed  by putting bullets into their brain. Some of the dogs were emaciated and died because of starvation. 

This cruel treatment is against the moral code of animal humane treatment. The city's dog pound center is supposed to turn over dogs they impounded to any person who can adopt these dogs but the center refuses to have rescuers adopts these dogs for rehabilitation and for future adoption which is totally against the city's regulation. It is sad that rescuers whose main purpose is to help these dogs unite with their lost parents or provide these dogs with decent living and parents who can adopt them are being refused of their rights to adopt and help these helpless dogs.

We are calling the Neg. Occ. Governor, Bacolod City Mayor  and the veterinary department of the city:


1. To provide humane treatment (food, water and descent living space) to impounded dogs until these dogs are adopted by rescuers, animal shelter and/or united with their lost parents.

2. Allow dog adoption/turn- over without fees of impounded dogs to private rescuers and animal shelter organization for rehabilitation, adoption and for finding their lost parents. Develop partnership with animal rescuers, shelter organization, private citizens of the city for fostering and dog adoption.

3. Conduct animal cruelty investigation and provide solutions in the dog pound center.

4. Increase awareness about the existence of dog pound center to Bacolod community so that parents of impounded dogs will be reunited with their dogs.

5. Formulate and implement animal anti-cruelty law which will prohibit animal abuse/killing and discipline animal abusers.

6. Develop program for neutering and spaying not killing the dogs.

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