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When Montana sportsmen wonder what awaits them in heaven it's hard to imagine a better place than the Rocky Mountain Front. But, we've only got one shot to ensure things stays that way - the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. 

The Heritage Act was introduced in Congress by Senator Max Baucus after it was hashed out cooperatively by locals, sportsmen, and conservationists.  It is Made-in-Montana legislation meant to keep the Front the way it is, nothing more and nothing less.

Now Representative Steve Daines is considering the legislation. He needs to see a true groundswell of support from the folks in hunter orange and fishing waders in order to give this bill the support it deserves.

The Rocky Mountain Front deserves the Heritage Act now more than ever. It will help sustain America's second-largest migratory elk herd and Montana's largest bighorn sheep population by protecting the habitat they depend upon. It will also protect our traditional access and future opportunities to hunt in this truly wild country.

Sportsmen have always been at the vanguard when it comes to conserving the most critical habitats and special places in Montana. Here's our shot to do it again. Add you name to this roster and fight for the tradition.


Letter to
Representative Steve Daines
Senator Jon Tester
Senator Max Baucus
It's no easy task singling out Montana's premier hunting area, but the Rocky Mountain Front certainly stands out as a leading contender.

We challenge you to work together to protect our traditional access and the world-class habitat our wildlife depends by passing the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act with bipartisan cooperation.

Sportsmen and women have a century-long commitment of protecting wildlife habitat along the Front. Hunters led in the creation of the Sun River Game Preserve in 1913 - an early and important act in the restoration of Montana's elk herds. They also funded the 1948 acquisition of the Sun River Game Range and, in the 1970s, creation of the Ear Mountain and Blackleaf WMAs.

The results of such measures have been good, but the Front still faces an uncertain future which can be resolved with your bipartisan support.

The Heritage Act is supported by nearly twenty local rod and gun clubs and sporting organizations in addition to Montana flyshops, outdoor gear shops, and sporting retailers around the state because it is model legislation for Montana. The Heritage Act emphasizes local input, cooperation, and works to keep access open for Montana sportsmen and women in Montana’s premier habitat.

Representative Daines, Senator Baucus, and Senator Tester, please consider the voice of Montana hunters and anglers back home. We look to you to exert the right political leadership in Washington DC and do everything in your power to pass this important legislation from Montana.



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