Back out of the investment to companies deforesting the Amazonia

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During the last 3 weeks the Amazon forest has been and continues to be in flames without control. Only in the last few days more than 12.500 fires have been registered in 4 countries to rise the number of land to export meat and soy (In total 500,000 acres impacting land of 8 times the size of Singapore)

The 80% of deforested land in Brazil and Bolivia is for cattle and soy needed to feed our daily chickens, beef and pigs. Know that:  

  • China, European Union and United States are the biggest importers of products from Brazil   
  • ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Dreyfus, JBS, Marfrig, Minerva, Benavides Madeiras, Nordisk Timber, Tradelink, Usina and Temate are the main agrobusinesses for soy, cattle, timber and sugar   
  • BlackRock, Capital Group, HSBC, JPMorgan, BNP and Banco Santander are their main investors

44% of Brazil’s exports are soy, meat, sugar and timber directly from the deforested lands of the Amazon basin and the Cerrado.

WE ASK TO THE EUROPEAN UNION, CHINA AND USA TO STOP IMPORTING BEEF, SOY, TIMBER AND SUGAR FROM DEFORESTED LANDS IN BRAZIL AND ADVOCATE FOR A CHANGE in the agroforestry policy in the Amazonia. Without the political pressure, the correct actions cannot be taken and supported.

WE ASK TO THE SHAREHOLDERS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS TO BACK OUT FROM THESE COMPANIES extracting soy, meat, sugar and timber from deforested lands in Amazon basin and Cerrado.

We ask me, you, the consumers to have the power of knowing that our meat is feeding the Amazon deforestation and choosing to not consume it.


The Amazon basin has been so far the biggest tropical forest in the planet, providing us the 20% of the oxygen we breath and containing the 10% of the global biodiversity. The Amazonia has been the house of more than 1 million indigenous people and it is still key as sink of our CO2, taking into account the climate emergency we face.

During the last 2 weeks the number of fires has increase in 80% in the Amazon basin, mainly in Brazil (Rondonia and Mato Grosso), Bolivia (Chiquitania), Peru and Paraguay. None of these countries are investing enough efforts to stop the fires.

In the case of Brasil, the 80% of the deforested land will be used for soy crops and beef. Soy will be exported to feed the chicken, pigs and cattle we eat. Thus, if we would consume less meat, there will be no reason to deforest.

More hectares for farming /crops benefit to Brazilian economy in a very short term, due Brazil for the importance of soy and beef for its economy The fires normally start burning some land but they come “out of control”, specially during the dry season.

The last report from Amazon Watch identifies the main Brazilian companies exporting soy, beef, timber and sugar, as well as the financial support they receive.

  • Soy:  China is the main es la principal buyer of Brazilian soy. The main companies are ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Dreyfus, with shareholders and investment from EU and US: BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, Barclays, Bank of America, Citigroup y Deutsche Bank, Vaguard, State Farm and  BlackRock.    
    Meat: the 41% of the beef we eat in Europe come directly from Brazil. The Brazilian leather is purchased by Italy and USA. JBS, Marfrig and Minerva are the main companies exporting beef. Their credit comes from HSBC, Banco Santander, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. Capital group, BlackRock and Fidelity finance mainly to JBS, according with the Amazon Watch report.    
    Timber: at least the half of the timber exported is illegal logging. Benavides Madeiras, Nordisk Timber y Tradelink are the main companies which export to Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark, followed by France, UK, Canada and USA    
    Sugar: it's now in every processed product, in every soda and even in the bread! Usina and Temate are the main ones, selling to the refineries ASR and ED&F. Pepsico and Coca-cola are buying from them.    

Ask to back out the investment of products that have the footprint of a deforested Amazonia.

As consumers, let’s transform our signatures in our daily decision to reduce the consumption of meat and any packed food: all of them have the invisible stamp of Amazon deforestation.

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