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Petitioning Grand Junction City Manager Laurie Kadrich

Babies In Snowbanks In Grand Junction, CO?


Back in 2009, a news story alerted me to Grand Junction's lack of a place for homeless families to be during daytime hours when shelters were closed. Imagine dragging your kids around the mean (and cold) streets of any town during the's unthinkable!

After some public pressure generated through, Laurie Kadrich, GJ City Manager, assured me that they'd find a solution. Apparently that promise has faded.

Before it gets cold (though cold temperatures are not the only challenge for homeless families), let's pressure Ms. Kadrich to address this, um, oversight. Grand Junction, wanting to be "the best city west of the Rockies by 2025," needs to take better care of homeless families.

(OK, I'd actually prefer that they made sure families didn't end up homeless, but until that happens...) Homeless families need a safe, welcoming place to go during the hours that shelters are closed. The reality of finding babies in snowbanks isn't that far-fetched. Wonder if that would change things?

Letter to
Grand Junction City Manager Laurie Kadrich
In December 2009 you promised HEAR US' Diane Nilan, national homeless children advocate, that Grand Junction would find a daytime shelter for homeless families when overnight shelters were closed. This issue came to her attention when she saw a TV news story about families traipsing through snow drifts, with no safe, warm place to be.

The news is reporting that this issue was not solved, and homeless families in Grand Junction have no place to be during daytime hours. That is inexcusable!

We urge you to immediately address this dreadful shortcoming. Sit down with community leaders and homeless families and figure out how to provide a welcoming place for homeless families during the day. Finding babies, small children, or anyone dead in a Grand Junction snowbank shouldn't be an option. But until this inane policy changes, it will be.

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