End Mink 'Farming' in B​.​C. and Canada NOW!

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What will it take to end cruel and heinous mink 'farming' in Canada?  More pandemics?  More epidemics?  The images of these poor animals being forced to live in tiny, cold, barren filthy cages their entire lives is too much to bear for me.

It is obvious now there is a direct correlation between diseases and viruses being transferred easily between animals and humans.  Keeping animals in confined, filthy conditions perpetuates this transmission. 

Covid-19 originated in Wuhan, China from the cruel and vicious wildlife trade, which is decimating precious and irreplaceable wildlife populations worldwide.  Soon, the only animals left will be kept in cages.  

When will the world wake up to the rampant cruelty humans inflict on millions of animals day after day, and the risks this cruelty carries leading to viruses like Covid-19?  Factory farming of any animal must end, along with the inherent constant cruelty these poor undeserving animals endure their entire lives.

These mink endure unimaginable cruelty, all for vain people to wear their beautiful fur, and for a handful of greedy 'farmers' who will go to no lengths to make a buck.

Let's raise our voices while this is in the media spotlight, and request of government officials to put an end to this horrific industry once and for all.  

Thank you for your kind support, and the precious mink thank you, too.