BC government to recognize Astronomy as a legitimate science in their new curriculum.

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While the curriculum is being revised, acknowledge Astronomy as a legitimate science with regards to meeting the high school graduation requirements for a science.

As one of the major physical sciences, Astronomy, deserves equal status with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, with whom it shares its name: Astrophysics, Astrochemistry and Astrobiology. The awe-inspiring field covering the inception of the cosmos and heavens, all the celestial bodies moving to the laws of Physics within, including the luminescence of stellar nuclear furnaces, should not be relegated to a chapter in Earth Sciences. Clusters of galaxies beside the rock cycle. Astronomy should stand equally alongside Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Sciences as a viable alternative to obtaining a science credit.

The window for change is closing soon as the ministry prepares to roll out the new curriculum in 2018.

If you agree that students should be given the opportunity of taking Astronomy to obtain their graduation science credit, then please sign the petition.

The development of a provincially authorized Astronomy 11 course, with the same credits as Earth Science 11, would allow for an Astronomy 12 course that is in line with a University Astronomy/Astrophysics Curriculum, leading to a dual credit path that a specialized Grade 12 hybrid of Physics 11 and Physics 12 would not.

Thank you.

Clayton Uyeda

Astronomy 11

Victoria High School