Make a Basic Livable Income a Reality for B.C.

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You only have until March 15th to add your input to the B.C. Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction’s public engagement process on a basic income.

Especially with the cancellation of Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot, it is critical that we move forward in constructive way here in B.C. This consultation is one of our best opportunities to move this idea forward. Please take 2 minutes out of your day to help make a basic livable income a reality in B.C. 

As signatories of this petition, we voice our support for the implementation of a basic income guarantee in B.C. and identify livability - that the amount of the basic income should be enough to live with dignity, as a key principle of any basic income guarantee. 

While notices will be sent to the appropriate email regarding signatures, it would be ideal to directly participate in the consultation through their website: or email:

The consultation process has laid out some focused questions that they hope to receive feedback around. These are stated in full below, alongside an accompanying privacy statement. Please consider addressing one or more of the questions below in your submission. This is a great opportunity not only to voice your support for a basic income, but to shape the direction of what a future proposal might look like. That said, do not feel like your submission has to address all of the prompts below or be perfect. Every submission will help, short or long! 

Please share this with your friends and networks as we have very little time until the submission period closes. While the public consultation will be closed on the 15th, some of the relevant MLA`s will continue to receive notices from petition signatures. 



What do you see as the main principles of a basic income?


What should be the targeted levels of support from a basic income for persons or families with no other source of income? Should these support levels vary by population group or attributes of persons, and if so, how?
What should be the elements of an optimal basic income system for BC (with regard for the budgetary capacity of the province)?

Population Groups

Who should be eligible for basic income support?
What vulnerable populations would benefit most from a basic income or basic income principles?

Pros and Cons

What advantages or drawbacks do you see for a basic income relative to the existing system of supports in BC?
Is basic income a feasible, effective, desirable and/or affordable approach for the province of BC to: reduce poverty; provide a more adequate safety net for persons experiencing periodic low incomes; and/or address labour market disruptions resulting from the emerging economy?

Benefit Delivery

How frequently do you think a basic income should be paid?
Through what administrative structure should a basic income be delivered (e.g. personal income tax system, direct provincial payments, such as through WorkBC or some other mechanism)? What would be the strengths of your proposed approach? What unintended consequences should be considered?

Financial Considerations

If you support the institution of a basic income in BC, how do you propose that it be financed by the province? If by additional revenues, from which sources? If from reduced spending on and/or reforms of other programs, which and how?

Privacy and Acknowledgements

The committee may have further questions for those making submissions but unless that is the case, submissions will not be acknowledged. Submissions will not be made public by the committee. However, unless a submission specifically indicates that it is provided in confidence, by submitting a document the person or organization making the submission gives the committee permission to make reference to the submission and its authors, to provide the submission to researchers working on projects commissioned by the committee and to use quotes from the submission in the committee’s written material with appropriate attribution.