Include ayurved basics as a syllabus in primary & secondary school level .

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Why ayurved at school level?

This can be explained in 8 major points:


The simple answer is because its a science of disease prevention 

And prevention is always better then cure!

Because India is not far away in any list of diseases that contributes to world is mandatory to improve health of nation which can only be done prevention because we dont have more cures but we do have good methods of prevention we can do mentioned in ayurved.


Ayurved itself is a complete science but due to western influence people don't take it as a science but treat it as some kind of outdated thing ,hence most people dont prefer it to be a first choice of treatmnt leading to the more severity of disease but in actual ayurved works better in every disease if approached in time leading to better india.



lack of awareness about the ayurvedic treatments leads people to be a victim of quacks .(most common in india)it is only because of such practises people divert from such holy medicinal stream to different streams of practises leading to outflow of patients outside india,hence economic loss to India.


A good healthy habits  needs a good logic to be explained which is provided by ayurved considering criterias like seasons,age,sex,health,and individual constitution of body.

Ayurveda mentions dincharya (day to day habits to be followed to live healthy) which has to be a day to day regime of children beacause it has research proved  benefits leading to healthy youth.


ayurved also explains value education and why it has to be implied with examples which will result in a better society.


as all countries support their traditional knowledge and pass on to youth and children of their own, then we must also look to it to pass this ancient treasure to our children because every person can't pursue a professional degree in ayurved to learn it atleast a basic thinking of ayurvedic principles must be inculcated in childrens.


In India ayurvedic products are always OTC products any one can sell it , and hence people always use this products without medical advise leading to three mistakes

Overuse, misuse, used with no outcome.

Ayurved does not support such practise but lack of awareness about ayurved leads people to such fate leading more disbelief in ayurved.

8.patroitism for india

to induce patroitism in children and let them learn that when every other country was busy in searching food and shelter our ancesters were busy in building a whole science of health and nutrition that can give us a long healthy life.