Stop the cycling ban on the Los Alcazares promenade

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Los Alcazares Promenade - Access for All

You may have noticed the fresh new signs forbidding cycling along the town’s landmark beachfront promenade. 

Be warned; this apparent anti-cycling approach comes with a health warning in respect of a 200 euro fine or you run the risk of your bicycle being impounded.  

 Why No Cycling?

It has been reported that there has been a small number of recent incidents along the promenade involving people cycling and pedestrians.  Yet a few incidents appear to have been the catalyst for the enforcement of a blanket ban for all cycling along the promenade.

Demand Shared Space for All

The council has an opportunity to review its decision and consider a better alternative shared space approach for the promenade.

Sharing space is a feature in many towns and cities across the globe.  It can be made to work where all public users are encouraged with both the ‘Carrot and stick’ approach to show respect for each other (which yes includes an appropriate cycling speed limit).