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Save Zeus the Dog!

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Zeus was seized by Ayrshire Police on the 19th April. Zeus is a young, friendly dog who has never shown any signs of aggression. Everyone in the area knows and loves this dog. He gets along with all the dogs who live close by and has many friends who regularly visit him. We got Zeus from a puppy and done loads of research on the breed before hand. He's been socialised around other animals and people of all ages from a young age. He's sadly been attacked by much smaller breeds in the past but has always ran away and coward between my legs. He's a gentle giant, with a huge heart. 

On Wednesday 19th April, me and my girlfriend were moving house. While we were going back and forth between the two properties we kept our 2 Dogs (Zeus and Honey) at our old house. On our last trip to the new house, Zeus managed to somehow open two doors (one of those doors being a heavy fire door) and escaped with our other dog, Honey. Something he's never been able to do before. We think that Zeus sensed we were moving house and got confused to why he wasn't coming with us.

The two dogs were found outside the house on a busy road holding up traffic. One guy who nearly ran his car into Zeus got out of his vehicle to try and get the dogs back into the house to prevent one of them getting injured. He managed to get a hold of Honey and put her back into our house but shortly after was unfortunately bitten by Zeus. As we weren't there when this happened, this is the only information we can go off, given by an eye-witness of the full accident.  

We couldn't believe Zeus would ever do such a thing. I have a 7-year-old daughter and also one at 7 months. He's their best friends and protector. If the babies blanket falls off of her he'll use his nose to cover her back up. My oldest daughter has full control over Zeus at home and on a walk. 

There could be many different reasons to why this horrible accident happened:

  • He was protecting our other dog, Honey
  • He was protecting his property from someone he didn't know entering it
  • He was scared and worried from all drivers shouting and beeping horns at him.
  • He wanted to try to find his owners and not be placed back in the house.
  • A mixture of all of the above, plus with his owners leaving without him. 

Zeus has been Kept in Kennels for 2 weeks now. We have not been told where he's being held and we're not allowed to go see him. He's never been away from me his whole life. We do everything together. If I go round to visit friends homes he comes with me. We're inseparable. I can't sleep at night knowing he's not with us, and we're being left in the dark with what's going to happen to him.

We all just want him back at home with us. We have already been in contacts with dog behaviorists to visit him and tell us what triggered it and prevent it from ever happening again. He will need to be muzzled at all times around other people and the property we now live in will need to be properly secured.

The police after the accident said they could tell he wasn't dangerous and has just been misunderstood. Dogs can’t speak to us and tell us they don’t like something we are doing, They have limited ways to communicate and it’s our job to understand that.

I have created this petition in hopes of allowing Zeus to be saved from being destroyed and given back to his family. We will take every step needed in order to prevent anything like this happening again.



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