@AxisBank ‏@ICICIBank @YESBANK @SaraswatBank: Sanction my Home Loan, Don't Discriminate

@AxisBank ‏@ICICIBank @YESBANK @SaraswatBank: Sanction my Home Loan, Don't Discriminate

9,130 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
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I am a transgender woman. And I too have a dream. A dream of having a home of my own.

I have a job, I earn and if I were anyone else I would get this loan of Rs. 10 lakhs easily. But it is ONLY because I am transgender, I have been denied the loan by two banks.

People expect me to beg or do sex work to survive. But I chose a different path: I am a Karnataka Rajyotsava Awardee - the first transgender to be conferred this honour by the government. Through my NGO, I have dedicated my life to ensuring that the transgender community lives a dignified life.

I’ve crossed many hurdles to get to this point. I now want to prove that a transgender person can buy a house too.

I’ve raised 2/3rds of the money by using my mother’s jewellery as collateral, and with financial support from friends and crowd-funding. But I still need Rs. 10 lakhs to buy my dream home.

This is your opportunity as a leading, progressive Indian bank to set a good example by not discriminating, by making a life of dignity, with the privilege of having a home, accessible to people like me.

Nirav Modi took crores and ran away. I am asking for a few lakhs as a loan to buy a home.

Axis bank, let me “Experience Axis”. Give me a loan and watch me repay it.

ICICI, your tagline is “Hum Hai Na, Khayal Apka”. Show me that you care.

Saraswat Bank, you believe in “Service to the Common Man”. Now is your moment.

Yes Bank, I’d like to “Experience your Expertise”.

Federal Bank, be my "Perfect Banking Partner".

Syndicate Bank, now is your chance to be "Faithful. Friendly".

Andhra Bank, I agree that there is "Much more to do with Me in Focus", so grant me a loan.

Karnataka bank, include us transgender individuals in "Your Family Bank, Across India".

Please provide me a loan of Rs. 10 lakhs so that I too can buy a home.


9,130 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!