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Axe (Unilever): Stop Harmful Animal Testing and Sexist Advertising

Millions of animals die yearly from poisoning in the process of testing cosmetic products before they hit the shelves for humans. Hundreds of U.S. companies maintain this practice to date, but Axe (owned by Unilever), is one of the main offenders. This, coupled with its sexist advertising featuring "headless boobs," calls for a response. Sign my petition and tell Axe that neither the mistreatment of animals or women is acceptable.

Letter to
Paul Polman, CEO Axe (Unilever)
Please put an end to harmful animal testing and sexist advertising.

To date, Axe has shown no path of recourse for the use of ingredients containing products tested on animals. These chemicals cause extreme pain, sickness, and death in a host of "lab rats" and other tester animals. As a company with millions of customers and a formidable advertising front, Axe has become a household name for people all around the globe. I urge Axe, and its parent company, Unilever, to halt the practice of animal testing in any form immediately.

Furthermore, as equally importantly, it has been common practice for Axe to employ blatantly sexist, objectifying advertising in order to sell its products to men. Ads have featured "headless boobs," talking to men's hair, insinuating that boobs are a woman's prized commodity. Other ads have featured women "giving up divinity" for a good-smelling man who used Axe products, and suggested a man "scrubbing away the skank" after a one night stand.

The following quote is taken form the Unilever website, addressing environmental sustainability, health, and social impacts:

"Unilever’s future success depends upon being able to decouple our growth from our environmental footprint, while at the same time increasing our positive social impacts. These are the central objectives of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan which we launched in November 2010.
The Plan will result in three significant outcomes:

- help more than a billion people to improve their health and well-being
- halve the environmental footprint of our products
- allow us to source 100% of our agricultural raw materials sustainably."

While these steps are commendable, we believe the contents of this petition should be considered just as seriously as Axe and Unilever move forward.

We, as conscious consumers, see both the practice of poisonous animal testing and sexist advertising as harmful to nature, to ethics, and ultimately to society. Please take the necessary steps to end these avoidable exercises.

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