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Axe Body Products: Stop sexualizing women to sell products for men


Axe is notorious for always embracing the concept of “sex sells” in their ads and commercials for their products. They have stooped so low as to portray women and men as body parts: boobs indicate women, hair indicate men. Axe needs to think up of another concept to use to sell their hair and body products. There is no reason why they have to sexualize women in order for them to sell products to men.

Letter to
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Unilever Keith Weed
I am writing to you about your recent advertising campaigns---specifically, the “Office Love” commercial that is promoting Axe hair gel. I do not like this ad because it sends the message that all men see women for are their breasts and all women see men for is their hair. This is not a proven fact and it is highly offensive. I will no longer buy your products until you learn how to respect women in your advertisements.
This ad is very problematic for women and men because it states that men and women only notice body parts when they first meet someone whom they are attracted to. Portraying women and men as shallow individuals is highly offensive and it has nothing to do with Axe hair gel.
I was formerly a loyal customer, but I no longer support Axe or any of Unilever’s products. In order to win back my business, Axe will have to stop using this ad and stop their misogynistic advertising campaigns. Axe should start portraying women as people who deserve respect and not as simply a pair of breasts. I am telling other customers and all of my friends and acquaintances about my thoughts and encouraging them to take the same action.

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