Help STOP cosmetic testing on animals today!

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Many of the cosmetic, hair, skin, and nail companies that you may use, including Maybelline, Benefit, MAC, L'Oreal, and many more, claim to use animal testing to "ensure the safety of their products for human use." However, there are nearly 50 non-animal cruelty tests that have been validated for safe use, some of which have been proven more effective to ensure safe use of cosmetic products on humans, then animal testing. Companies also have the vast option to use thousands of different ingredients that have a history of safe use, and don't require any form of re-testing at all. Animals are living creatures that have the ability to feel pain. Animal testing is a cruel and unusual act that should not be carried out on any living, breathing creature, with emotional abilities. If we banned the use of testing on humans, why is it still okay on animals? By passing the Humane Cosmetics Act, the United States would be prohibited to sell any brand pf cosmetics that conduct animal testing. Please, do the humane thing and take the time to sign this petition to help us get one step closer to having Legislation pass this act, and/ or convincing companies that use animal tests to cover to other methods, and help us STOP animal testing today.