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Petitioning Mayor Robert Mahon and 4 others

Avon-by-the-Sea, New Jersey: Don’t Destroy Amazon Rainforests for Your Boardwalk Reconstruction


Rainforest are too important and fragile to log. In the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon, the source of ipê, 80% of logging is done illegally. Logging is the primary factor leading to tropical deforestation, the largest cause of mass extinctions of animals and plants on Earth. As well, tropical deforestation contributes up to 30% of human-caused greenhouse gases. Avon’s boardwalk was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, which was bolstered by climate change. Avon helped that along by using rainforest wood for their 1993 boardwalk reconstruction when the boardwalk was destroyed by another storm! Now they want to do it again!

Letter to
Mayor Robert Mahon
Commissioner Robert McGovern
Public Affairs & Public Safety Commissioner Frank Gorman
and 2 others
City Engineer Charles Rooney
Clerk/Administrator Timothy M. Gallagher, RMC
Dear Mayor Mahon and Commissioners,
Please do not contribute to the extinction of more of Earth’s unique life forms and to even greater climate change by using even more tropical hardwoods for your boardwalk. Avon has already done enough with it’s 1993 renovation, made with tropical hardwood pilings, stringers and decking. How many times does the boardwalk need to be destroyed by stronger and stronger storms to convince you that using tropical hardwoods is not in the interests of Avon’s residents, the rest of the US and the world’s people, and the billions of animals and plants being driven to extinction by deforestation? Please use an alternative such as recycled plastic lumber or sustainable, durable domestic hardwoods, both of which are readily available.