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Aviva insurance and Amazon to support victims of non-violent thefts using key jigglers.

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Aviva and many other insurance companies will only support theft claims where 'violence or forced entry' has been used. I was a victim of vehicle theft where the thieves had master keys or some kind of device allowing them to break in with ease. These devices can be purchased cheaply on Amazon, often called Key jigglers and allow criminals to break in cleanly, without a mark. Amazon do not regulate the sale of such items and van theft is on the rise as a result. Lots of people are unaware of these modern devices and they do not appear to have been taken into account by big insurers. Aviva did not support my claim as not enough force or violence was used. The police no longer deem theft as an emergency so the average citizen is left alone to gather evidence when a crime has occurred. I am left wondering what my taxes are paying for!

I reported the theft and gave an honest statement about the theft. There had been a spate of vans broken into using modern devices. Why should a victim of this type of crime have to suffer? I have had to withdraw from my pension to cover the debts the theft has caused me. The insurance companies need to move with the times and offer support to victims of technological crimes. In my experience, I also found that the insurance company and police did not appear to work together. This is a win win situation for the criminals. 

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