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Fair Appeals In Wisconsin For Both Avery & Dassey!

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Stand For Criminal Reform and Proper Investigations Now!

Demand Immediate Attention, That Fair Wisconsin Appeals of Both Avery and Dassey Be Met Now!

Part I

In Order For This To Be Achieved Petitioners Herein; Demand,


1) Former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager needs to be removed from the Wisconsin Ethics Board; (she has recently been recused so her son Josh Kaul can run for AG)

2) pending the investigation into the search of her September 2003-January 2007 emails regarding Steven Avery;

In addition,

3) It is important that both Assistant Attorney General Thomas J. Fallon and Norman Gahn also be removed immediately from handling the 2016 appeals brief of Steven Avery; or any case relating to Brendan Dassey should Wisconsin decide to retry Dassey;


4) Email correspondence between Fallon and/or Gahn that are directly affiliated with Lautenschlager are believed to exist are those that will produce & reveal unethical and case-sensitive subject matter regarding the "wrongful convictions" of Steven Avery and/or Brendan Dassey;


In any event, it is here by known publicly to both the citizens and the DOJ of Wisconsin, that the current Attorney General Brad Schimel in or about 1998 did perform in a band called 'Alibi' with former Calumet County Prosecutor, Ken Kratz who was compliantly and willingly involved in the 2007 prosecution trials of both Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey with Kratz serving alongside of both Fallon and Gahn;


the general public (& world watching) supporting Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey demand; that

1) having been affiliated with Kratz prior to the 2007 prosecution trials, in order for AG Schimel to prove he is NOT in bed with any of the aforementioned State Officials to unethically engage in/or enact on a prejudiced decision made against Avery or Dassey in the favor of Lautenschlager, Fallon, Gahn or Kratz named herein; of this said petition thru, by and partied accordingly; that

2) AG Schimel will further recuse himself from any decisions made in the withstanding appeals against Avery or Dassey and by good faith and ethical-standing-order in his office now put aside the matters---provided that a severe conflict of interest has been shown apparent that if remained Schimel may possibly be favorable to Fallon or Gahn due to his past musical affiliation with Kratz, in which it is known of AG Schimel to have used a musical ability and talent via a band to promote his political advancement and agenda;


3) in any circumstance, the requested search into the emails of Lautenschlager to either/or Gahn, Fallon or Kratz "DO" have a high significant risk of producing and revealing case-sensitive information regarding to the "wrongful convictions" of both Dassey and Avery;

In which:

4) it is requested AG Schimel be recused of the duties regarding the appeals of both Avery & Dassey while Lautenschlager is investigated that Avery & Dassey matters are NOT met without further unconstitutional and unjust measures that continue to jeapordize both their freedom;


If at any time during the investigation, that emails do and shall arise outside the parties mentioned; herein, it should be diligent and appropriate of the State of Wisconsin;

1) Any subsequent DOJ party/parties, in addition,directly linked to the emails of the aforementioned officials containing unethical and incriminating evidence regarding the "wrongful convictions" of Dassey and Avery that they are NOT in the least bit to be immuned but to be held punishable for their unjust acts committed; &

2) that Avery and Dassey are released immediately;


The State of Wisconsin should know that NOT one DOJ official should ever be held immuned in the corrupt affairs of any "wrongful conviction" participation from this day forth, or any day passed;


We Sign This Petition To Support Fair Appeals Be Given To Both Avery & Dassey Which Can Only Ascertain A Fairness Is Established By Remedy of The Petitioner's Request Being Met.
We Demand Justice...

Why Is It Important To Investigate Former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager?

Part II

It is taken upon my civic duty might it help prevent future "wrongful convictions" to bring to your attention a matter that happened under Lautenschlager's former term in office as Attorney General of Wisconsin:

Stated; Wherein,

The following person mentioned did knowingly and aggressively conduct, mastermind and allow the wrongful convictions of both Wisconsin resident(s), Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

In which:

Peggy Lautenschlager, former Attorney General residing in office for the State of Wisconsin did purposely engage in wrongful misconduct to cause personal harm to these said individuals, who at the time were lawful civilians of the same State she was sworn into office to help protect the freedoms, liberties and constitutions thereof; one of these persons, Dassey, being a minor child of 16-years-of-age;

In which:

It is to be brought to public knowledge as to solely bear and bring forth the weight of evidence to be shown to the State of Wisconsin that these wrongful convictions were factually conducted and allowed by the aforementioned and contest that Lautenschlager should be held responsible for not only contempt of oath of said public office, but, yet committing acts of multiple felonious crimes against multiple residents of Wisconsin in which great harm was caused purposely:


On June 3, 2005 Peg Lautenschlager did consciously address the Wisconsin DOJ and all State Law Enforcement agencies; thereof, regarding the assembly of the Criminal Justice Study Commission---a "tunnel vision" prevention program---that first met August 31, 2005; and every month since, to current date;
(Replacing The 2003 Avery Task Force)

In which:

As acting Attorney General, Lautenschlager, did make available the research and following resources thru electronic recording, witness identification, jailhouse snitch, DNA and false confession the techniques to prevent future "wrongful convictions" in Wisconsin as seen in the 1985 Penny Beernsten case against Steven Avery;


1) Lautenschlager, on or about November 3, 2005 not only failed to protect Steven Avery from "tunnel vision" when Manitowoc County proceeded with an investigation into the alleged October 31, 2005 disappearance of Teresa Halbach, a Calumet, Wisconsin resident;

2) But subsequently, Lautenschlager in addition allowed Law Enforcement to use the exact techniques the Criminal Justice Study Commission assembled to help Avery and others to be protected of "tunnel vision" to be used against him;


Initially, because of Avery's 1985 wrongful conviction a $36,000,000 civil suit was filed against Manitowoc County; wherein, as a result it is determined Avery was targeted in a "tunnel vision" case and ultimately charged, convicted and sentenced to Life in Prison while being framed for the death of Halbach;

In Which:

Manitowoc County being deposed in Avery's civil suit; therein, only weeks before the Discovery of Halbach's Toyota RAV4 found located on Avery's property on November 5, 2005 Manitowoc County had given jurisdiction of the case over to the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI);

Though, it was to appear as if Manitowoc County was no longer involved due to the civil suit,
it is determined Lautenschlager allowed Manitowoc to remain a part of the investigation;


Even Lautenschlager, herself, can be found criminally attached and purposely conducting this investigation from behind the scenes in an "out of sight, out of mind" remedy by linking Lautenschlager directly to Manitowoc Law Enforcement Officers Colborn and Lenk who were to be excused due to the depositions yet were still at the Halbach crime scene;


by means of "severe conflict" thru DCI Special Agent Deborah Strauss, Lautenschlager should be held accountable for the on-property misconduct; where evidence collected and found by Lenk and Colborn was used to frame Avery;

In which:

A significant relationship between Lautenschlager, Strauss, Colborn and Lenk can be established to show criminal misconduct of all four who purposely conspired to frame Avery, with Lautenschlager conducting;


A. Strauss deposed Manitowoc County Law Enforcement Officers in Avery's 1985 wrongful conviction:
Andrew Colborn
& James Lenk
On or About December 10, 2003;

B. Strauss worked with Lautenschlager very diligently on her AG report filed December 17, 2003 stating Manitowoc never committed criminal acts against Steven Avery in 1985;

C. Strauss was deposed herself weeks before Halbach disappeared by Avery's civil suit attorney Walt Kelly, whom also present were Andrew Colborn and James Lenk;

D. On November 5, 2005 after Manitowoc gave jurisdiction to the DCI---Special Agent Strauss appears on the Avery Property on the 5, 6 and 7 of November at the same time in which Colborn and Lenk are present;

E. Colborn and Lenk would be present during the times the evidence used against Avery at trial were found;

In Which:

By Lautenschlager's absence, in the fact Avery's defense claims this was a "tunnel vision" case then there is grave concern that by Lautenschlager NOT stopping the communication at the Halbach Crime Scene between Strauss of herself with Lenk & Colborn that Lautenschlager purposely turned a blind eye;

In the event, Lautenschlager claims she excused herself from the investigation because of her December 17, 2003 report protecting Manitowoc of the 1985 "wrongful conviction" of Avery then it should be determined automatic criminal guilt that Lautenschlager removed herself but purposely neglected to make sure DCI Special Agent Deborah Strauss never stepped foot on the property of the Crime Scene, being Strauss was directly involved with Lautenschlager in the filing, depositions and protection of Manitowoc County since the same December 17, 2003 report was filed;

In any event, the case remains that Avery was faced with the magnitude of such apparent "tunnel vision" and it was to the Sworn Duty of the Attorney General to investigate the conduct of the officers of every department involved prior to Avery's preliminary hearing, for citizen protection.

However, Lautenschlager NOT only signatures but even approves contaminated and inconclusive forensic evidence lab results tested by Sherry Culhane to be admitted into the preliminary hearing; furthermore only failing the Criminal Justice Study Commission's mission statement;

In addition:

As for the events unfolding in what was Brendan Dassey's fate to come, Avery's 16-year-old nephew at the time is unconstitutionally coerced by DCI Special Agent Thomas Fassbender;

Lautenschlager, allowed this electronic recording to arrest Brendan Dassey by never protecting Dassey when the resources and research to prevent these "wrongful convictions" by way of "tunnel vision" were factually available to ensure his protection, and that was dutifully to be done so under the sole responsibility of Attorney General Lautenschlager and her seat on the Criminal Justice Study Commission, sworn to do so as Attorney General.

Lautenschlager, personally tried Hmong Native Chai Vang for the murders of 6 deer hunters in September 2005;

in which,
Lautenschlager claimed she took because she had a personal interest in crimes committed against people.
However, Lautenschlager never appeared publicly in Halbach's investigation.

Lautenschlager, never once faced the Halbach family on camera to apologize for the loss of their daughter;

Whereas, the absence has removed her almost entirely from this case...
...however, she is still largely behind the scenes.

As for motive, to conduct, mastermind and allow both the Wrongful Convictions of Avery and Dassey:

1) Lautenschlager was in charge of the Wisconsin DOJ budget;

2) with a personal feud involving former Governor Doyle, by sabotaging Avery it not only prevented the $36,000,000 civil suit Doyle was endorsing by supporting Avery; but it embarrassed Doyle as revenge.

As it is a deep concern, current Attorney General Brad Schimel was once in a band called Alibi with Ken Kratz the prosecutor of both Avery and Dassey.

However, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Fallon was the State power, State weight and State influence regarding the make-believe trials and their convictions;


Lautenschlager now sits on the new Wisconsin Ethics Board.

This petition is being filed for the immediate federal investigation into every email sent to or by Peg Lautenschlager from September 11, 2003-January 2007 by any Law Enforcement Agency or DOJ official regarding Steven Avery.

In addition, with the former AG proven to be involved it should be known that in order for current Attorney General Brad Schimel to keep an ethical-minded approach that since he is attached to Ken Kratz to show he is not showing favor to the State---that he:

abide by the request of Part I 

If you can help in this capacity of this petition...
Please help to bring this to light to every media outlet in Wisconsin by signing now to ensure Avery & Dassey are given a fair trial.


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