Justice for Animals in Avery County, NC

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PLEASE READ!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! I have recently been in and around Avery County, North Carolina and have noticed the horrendous conditions that some of the animals in the town are living in. I saw dogs dead on the side of the road. Dogs without water or food. Dogs without shelter. Dogs limping and obviously hurt. Dogs who were shivering because of the below freezing temperatures. I even saw dogs locked in those metal hunting boxes and were left in there for hours in the freezing cold without food or water!!!!! It was clearly animal abuse and neglect which is illegal in NC so why is nothing being done?? The picture attached to this petition is a picture of one of the injured dogs and the dog locked in the metal hunting box. 

I made a complaint to the Avery County Sheriff's Office and the officer said they would "try" to check out the complaint but that they had "more important calls" to take first. After doing more research on what I can do to help these animals, I discovered that Avery County IS THE ONLY COUNTY IN NC WITHOUT ANIMAL CONTROL RESOURCES!!! I also found out that the cops have known about the specific incident I called about for OVER A YEAR and have done nothing. Many people who live in Avery County have reached out to me with similar complaints about animal abuse and neglect and the cops allowing it to happen for the "hunters" in the community. Regardless of the hunters, animal abuse is still animal abuse and the cops should be doing their jobs!!! 

I am compiling evidence and signatures to try to do something to save the animals in this town, hold the people accountable who are neglecting or harming these animals, and also prove the need for animal control in Avery County as Avery County is the only county in NC without animal control resources!! Please consider signing this petition, it would help me get some justice for these innocent animals and possibly prevent this from continuing in Avery county. If anyone has any connections, resources, advice, or evidence, please reach out to me!!!!!