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Avenal State Prison (Jesse Taylor Rugge): Do Not Grant Parole

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Jesse is up for parole and has a chance of getting out soon. He does not deserve to be set free after he helped take the innocent life of Nicholas Markowitz. 

Please sign this petiton to help keep him in prision where he belongs.

Jesse Taylor Rugge (born November 10, 1979) is one of the former members of Jesse James Hollywood's gang that helped in the murder of Nicholas Markowitz. Rugge was charged with helping in the kidnap and execution of Nicholas Markowitz.

His trial started in April 2002. He also tied Nicholas' hands together and put duct tape over his mouth right before his execution and helped Ryan Hoyt bury the body. In September 2002 Rugge was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole after seven years. Rugge is currently incarcerated in Avenal State Prison for his part in Nicholas Markowitz's murder
On the morning of August 6, 2000, fifteen year-old Nicholas Markowitz - knowing he was in trouble with his parents - snuck out of the house. He never came home. One week later, authorities arrived on Susan's doorstep with devastating news: her son had been found dead. Days earlier, a 20 year-old drug dealer, Jesse James Hollywood, and 3 of his accomplices, had kidnapped the teenager in broad daylight as revenge for a drug-related debt owed by Nick's half brother. They later murdered the innocent boy in cold blood, and buried him in a shallow grave. Hollywood fled to Brazil as a fugitive and became the youngest man ever on the FBI's top ten "Most Wanted" list. It would be nearly a decade before he was brought to justice.

Initially, Susan had thought only about getting justice for her son. But along the way, she rediscovered her own will to live, and promised to honor her beloved son's memory by making sure something positive came from the pain he had to endure. MY STOLEN SON is the gripping account of one mother's relentless 9-year fight to bring her son's killer to justice, and to rebuild a family shattered by an unconscionable crime.

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