Avakin Life age verification.

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I got suspended for apparently being underage on avakin life. I play since i joined almost 5 years ago and spent a lot money on it just to know i get suspended for „being underage“

avakin Life i had enough of you banning and blocking people who are on this game so long and really cant curse, get naked without being offensive.

i can tell a thousands of users who you lost already to games like IMVU or Second life just because of a bullsh*t like that.

how can i be underage if you never verified me?

set in the verification Avakin. You got so much potential. Release a kids Avakin life for others. Many People dont do anything but talk on avakin and its sad how you take away something people created for years.

i hope most of you people really read this and Avakin life thinks about their action before making moves.