Free Abdi-Advocate for Refugees

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 "Stepping up detentions and deportations will not only cost taxpayers billions of dollars but will also break apart families and place vulnerable peril."   The Center for American Progress 

"The impact of nearly two-and-a-half decades of conflict in Somalia, compounded by drought and other natural hazards, challenges the resilience and coping mechanisms of Somalia's most vulnerable citizens."   United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees                            

Abdulkadir Sharif Abdi Mohamed, known to his family and friends as Abdi, is a native citizen of Somalia. He came to the United States in 1996. He faced adversities and struggled to adjust to his new life as a 17 year old refugee in a strange country. Regardless of his traumatic past and new challenges, he learned from his behaviors and experiences, and has evolved into a stand-up human being.

 At this time, Abdi is being detained and threatened with deportation. Sending him back to Somalia would endanger his life. It would also tear apart a loving marriage to a U.S. citizen, and so much more! Here is what Abdi has been contributing to his local community and this country for the past decade:

  • Abdi lives by a strict code of service to others, love, and recovery.
  • Abdi works diligently at a treatment center in Minneapolis, Minnesota assisting scores of Americans triumph over addiction.
  • Abdi visits prisons and mental health institutions with a message of hope and change to people struggling with various addictions and health issues.
  • Together Abdi and his wife welcome struggling individuals into their home. They help them find purpose and pursue a better way of life, which those individuals then do with still others. 

A stay of removal has been approved for Abdi, but it’s just the beginning of the fight. His case must be reopened and appear before a judge.

 Every step of Abdi’s path is a miniscule representation of the struggle of so many refugees in the United States today.  These people have known unspeakable atrocities. They have not only survived but thrived. They work, pay taxes, and are a vital part of what makes America great!

 Here is what we, the signers of this petition, ask for Abdi, and people like him:

  1. We ask for a just assessment and process to bring Abdulkadir Sharif Abdi Mohamed home to his wife, and the people who love him in Minnesota.
  2. We ask that ICE officials, and the facilities where they house detainees, treat individuals with decency, and meet basic humanitarian standards of care.
  3. We ask that any person within the United States, regardless of country of origin, not be deemed "criminal" simply because they are here, or have adverse histories, without a thorough process and evaluation into their current lives. 

For more information and connection to Abdi’s fight, search @abdifreeathome on Facebook and Twitter