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Automatic lifetime animal ban for ALL convicted animal abusers.

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In October 2016,  Michael Heathcock drove a nail through the head of his living 16 year old dog.  Richard Finch assisted him with the act and they buried the dog alive in Kirkleatham Woods in Redcar.  The dog was later discovered by horrified dog walkers and the police were informed.  The poor animal was later 'put to sleep' by the RSPCA to stop immense suffering.  Richard and Michael have addimited guilt.  Their defence was appalling, 'the dog was deaf,  blind and incontinent and Michael's house had started to smell'.  The pair could have very easily dropped the dog off outside a local kennel or done the decent thing and ensured the pet received the appropriate veterinary care.  These men have now been sentenced and have thankfully been given lifetime animal bans, but other convicted abusers are often banned for months or years, which gives them the ability to own another animal in their lifetime. 

Pet licences may also deter people from buying an animal they are not willing to take proper responsibility for. These licences should be reestablished in the UK and vetting checks should be carried out on those wanting to have a domestic pet. Let's spend some of OUR tax on ensuring animals are not let down by this government's poor legislation. 

All convicted animal abusers to be banned from owning any other animal in their lifetime.  Bring back the animal licence required to own a pet in the UK!


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