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Autodesk to fix Revit text editor

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Organized text is vital to convey design intent in a set of architectural plans.  The Revit text editor has had well-documented problems since Revit was acquired by Autodesk, the most significant of which is how the text wrapping changes based on the zoom level at which the text is edited.  Autodesk has never indicated that it plans to fix the problems that plague the text editor.

Revit is the industry standard for building information modeling and is used by the vast majority of architecture firms.  Autodesk has cornered the market and there is no reasonable software alternative to Revit.  This gives the impression that Autodesk has chosen not to respond to a decade's worth of feedback and correct a basic flaw in its software because it knows that its software is the architecture industry's only option.

Perhaps signing this petition will finally convince Autodesk that this real problem affects every single architect and engineer that uses Revit.  Until now, the feedback from our industry has been sporadic and is spread across various internet support forums.  Let's consolidate our efforts, complaints, and feedback into this petition so that Autodesk has no choice but to address this problem.

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