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Bring Justice To Kary Blaze/Hope: The one year old puppy doused in kerosene, then set on fire!

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One year old puppy Kary Blaze in Wauchula, FL had kerosene poured on her by an old man, while chained, and set her on fire. He claims to have Alzheimer's disease and thought he was pouring water on her. It took a while for someone to put the fire out, so she is pretty burnt, from head to toe. The local Rescue has her and has taken her to a clinic down south that specializes in burns. The bills so far have exceeded $4,500. They need help. Before publishing this I iquired as to whether the pup was going to make it and was told she is at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialist in Bonita Springs. They say she is calm & even ate a little on her own. She has continued to wag her tail throughout this entire ordeal. The Fire Chief named her Kary Blaze and is wanting to adopt her if she makes it. The PayPal link if you would like to help them:
She lies quietly in her cage, her burnt eyelids shut, Hope can finally relax. Her red, peeling body is all wrapped up to hopefully, heal the scars left behind by a terrible act of cruelty. Hope's owner in Arcadia is accused of dousing her in kerosene, then flicking a lit cigarette at her, instantly, setting her afire. The neighborhood kids who had previously taken care of her when it was cold outside witnessed this and started screaming. They proceeded to put her out with a water hose. A reminder that her the costs to help her are piling up at now, close to $5,000. It's a huge burden for the volunteer organization that relies solely on donations. She is a sweet puppy, and unbelievably, still trusts people. Even with part of her tongue burnt she still uses it. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee she will make it. You can also donate to H.A.R.T: Hope's/Kary Blaze's owner has not been arrested, unfortunately. 

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