Legal rights for the Murray-Darling and the protection of First Nations water protectors

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I am creating this petition on behalf of NGEMBA/ GOMEROI woman Caroline Kirk who is wanting your support while she goes to court to face charges given while partaking in the Wilcannia blockade. She was arrested during a women's ceremony with excessive force and intimidation from police as herself and others were protesting the mismanagement of the Murray-Darling River, the unfair theft of river water through mass-issued water licences with little regulation as well as its damaging impacts on people's health and wellbeing.

Caroline Kirk has dedicated her life to being on the front line and protecting and defending the natural Environment. As a traditional custodian of the lands that much of the Murray-Darling flows through Caroline and many others believe this case will set the precedent for introducing and enacting rights for the Murray-Darling, so your support with this petition will help as evidence in court, her first court date is Wednesday the 22nd of April so please share this so this can get as much reach as possible! 

Aunt Caroline wants to defend her right to protect water, hold the NSW water ministers and certain government bodies accountable and also wants to introduce the process of starting to give legal rights to the Murray-Darling whilst diminishing the charges placed on her. Caroline believes this case will make ripple effects into future policy on resource management while not contributing to the unfortunate reality of incarceration of First Nations peoples and over-representation in prisons. Her situation and the continual battle of resource inequality that many around the country face will be brought to light for a better outcome that will improve the health of all.