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Be Aware ... as a result of increasing Interim Heritage Orders (IHO) being issued by the local Randwick Council, your exciting plans to purchase an existing family home in Coogee NSW,  could well become a financial nightmare of epic proportions.

Worse, the Council makes these decisions, and don’t care about the adverse ramification to your  property price, or the financial commitments your family is locked into. Why should they care, they have absolutely NO financial stake holding in your family property; nor do they care about the additional costs that will apply, as a result of their insistence to heritage list someone else’s family home.

Australia ..... our home ownership and property rights are being destroyed by an out of touch "Green movement", and by a small group of misguided local Councillors, who believe they know better than the rest of us.

What a farce .... these Councillors couldn't care less about the majority of Australians or our opinions ... its all lies ... They are using flimsy Heritage Laws and Spot Rezoning, to steal these rights from fellow Australians like you and me, and to deny us real ownership over our family Castle. Think of your children and their children.

Despite Local Town Plans and Development Guidelines being already in place, these Local Councillors (elected by fellow Australians to develop plans and visions on our behalf, and for the betterment of all the electorate), are using their positions to implement the Green Movements agenda, and without any concern as to the real cost it creates for you and I. Their actions are Immoral, Unethical, Unjust and are simply so Un-Australian.. 


Like many other Australian families, we purchased a property with the plan to establish a home for our family.  After nearly a year of owning our property in Coogee, NSW, we received a letter from the local Randwick Council advising that our property, along with several others in our street, were being proposed for ‘spot rezoning’ as a heritage item, and for conservation listing, I note that this proposal that was occurring outside of the Councils own Local Environmental Plan (LEP) revision cycle.

This outcome destroyed our dreams for rebuilding our family home.. no longer an option unless and until we take the issue to court. This outcome has resulted with huge financial consequences, that are now associated with the redevelopment of a heritage listed home. What a nightmare.  To make matters worse, and despite knowing to the contrary, we were portrayed by the local GREEN COUNCILLORS as being ‘BIG BAD DEVELOPERS’ for opposing their proposal, and wanting to redevelop our own family Home.  Their actions are unethical, as despite laws already in place, we are ultimately given "NO SAY" in what we can do to OUR OWN FAMILY HOME. It seems we now own a home controlled by the Australian Government. Let me say, this is not why we purchased this property. 

Furthermore, does this sound like a Council that we want to re-elect or have representing us? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We want Councillors that look after our rights, not steal them off us.

"We are asking for the Heritage Act be amended. To include provisions making it compulsory, for anyone wanting to propose a property for Heritage and/or  Conservation Listing. That all such proposers, are made responsible for obtaining the written consent, and agreement, for the proposal, from the current Property Owners, and before the current property owners property, can be proposed, considered or approved, for either Heritage Listing or Conservation listing, in any Local, State or Federal Government listing or register etc, in any State or Territory, of Australia".

This petition is about a FAIR GO for all Australians. The current Heritage Act is 110% Un-Australian, and allows others to steal our home ownership Dreams, and is stripping away Australians Property Rights.

To quote a famous Australian film, “It’s not a house, it’s a home” and no one should dictate what you can do with your home.

Thanks for your time.