A Royal Commission into Australia Post

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Australian’s deserve a better, more reliable postal service. You only need to look at the online reviews of Australia Post and Startrack Express, to realize we don’t have one single reliable courier company in this country. Any company who receives over one million complaints each year is in need of a shake-up. Now it’s time to force the government to give Australia Post the shake-up it deserves. If we don’t, you may not get your Christmas presents delivered on time again this year!
Australia Post is a government-owned business, with the Australian Government as the only shareholder through the Minister for Communications and the Minister for Finance. It is governed under the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989. Australia Post has the following general obligations:
·      To perform its functions as far as possible consistent with sound commercial practice. 
·      Commercial obligations for sound commercial practice when possible.
·      Community service obligations (CSO).
·      Governmental obligations such as directions by the Minister, international conventions and government policies.
Australia Post continually fails to meet their obligations to the general public of Australia. Whilst the CEO is paid a salary package in excess of five and a half million dollars, the suckers who pay those wages (us) don’t get their goods delivered on time and often at all.
If Australia Post was privately owned, it would have been forced to close due to insolvency. But the Government does nothing to improve or fix the issues.
Here is your opportunity to call for a Royal Commission into the mismanagement of Australia Post and Startrack Express.
Australia, we deserve better!

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