Stop Selling Gender Stereotypes to Our Children


Toy companies reinforce gender stereotypes to children from a very young age.

Promoting gender stereotypes in marketing limits kids' imaginations. Telling kids what they should like narrows the choices they feel are socially acceptable, shutting down opportunities for learning and choosing their own fun.

Many Australian toy retailers use gender stereotypes when marketing toys. 

Their counterparts in Europe have made changes towards eliminating gendered marketing and we think it’s time for Australian toy retailers to change too.

We are asking Australian toy retailers to stop telling parents, grandparents and children that dolls, princesses, home appliances, fashion and everything pink is for girls while construction, trucks, action games, superheroes and anything blue is for boys.

Australian toy retailers please:

  • Remove gender categories from websites, marketing materials and stores and sort toys by function or theme

  • Demonstrate gender equity in marketing toys: let’s see examples of both girls and boys playing with all sorts of toys

  • Stop using pink and blue to represent 'girl' and 'boy' sections within marketing materials, stores and products; give children a rainbow of colours to choose from

Help children be free to choose for themselves. Offer a rainbow of colours. Promote every toy for every body!

Thea Hughes & Julie Huberman


Play Unlimited


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