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Stop Selling Caged Eggs

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Stop selling cage eggs in all Australian Supermarkets! Eggs, we eat them for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner, most households have got eggs sitting in there fridge, but have you ever wondered where your eggs come from? It you buy cage eggs, it's a completely different story. A battery hen is what lays your caged eggs, they are crammed into cages with 3-7 hens, the floor is only 450 cm squared. They have no room to move, and they can't live happily out on the grass, nesting or sitting in the sun, in fact, they will never see the sky or the sun, ever. In these tiny cages, they cannot stretch their wings, they cannot go for a walk or lay her eggs in a nest, and sometimes, they are forced to lay there eggs in the rotting corpses of other hens, which end up in your plate. These chickens are very stressed, so they usually peck at one another, so the farmers de-beak them, which is cutting of their beaks, no pain killers. This is an extremely painful process, since their are a lot of nerves in the beak and it is very sensitive. Sometimes this kills the hen from infections or starvation. If a chick is born male, they are seen as useless, and are killed by being minced at day 1 of their life. Since the hens are in wire cages, the wire rubs off their feathers. Giving them painful sores, which can get easily infected. A hens claws are naturally worn down from being able to walk around, but since they aren't able to do so in their cages, the claws curl around the wire floor, making it impossible for them to move, they then starve to death. Being in these cages makes their bones very brittle, since they are in such crammed cages, their bones break very easily. By the time they are slaughtered, most of them have broken bones. Hens would usually moult in Autumn and would stop to rest for a couple of months. The farmers reduce this by starving the hens so that they can bring them back to laying quickly, most hens die of hunger. For the hens to lay eggs faster, artificial lighting is used to trick the hens into laying cycles, which are unnatural. This gives them tumours, acute calcium deficiency and eventually their body is too weak, most don't survive. Hens would usually live for 10 years, but in a Factory Farm they barely reach the age of 1. Chickens may be seen as a 'dumb animal.' But they are smart, aware and are just like us. They can feel, hear, touch and they deserve to live a natural life, raising chicks, nesting and grazing. I still don't understand why we are still doing these things, we need to be a compassionate society towards people & animals. Let's ban cage eggs in Australian Supermarkets, and shut down Factory Farms forever. - Priya Richards, Victoria.

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