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Bring Back the Cookie

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I am a blood donor and have been for a number of years now, happily donating my time and blood to save lives. One of the special thankyou's that I really look forward to every time I finish my donation is that wonderfully delicious Cookie that I get to eat, the most delicious cookie I have ever had and one which is consistently portrayed on all of the Red Cross' posters and TV ads.

Sadly I was told the other day when I asked why there were no cookies available after my donation that they were no longer being provided because of a decision by management. OMG how devastated was I when I heard this!!!. The one thing I looked forward to when donating my blood and saving 3 lives was this one small gift from the Red Cross Blood Service.

Now I didn't just leave it there and sent an email to them explaining that they need to "Bring Back the Cookie".  This was their reply,

"Dear Neil,

Thank you for being part of an incredibly valuable group of Australian Donors who regularly give their blood to save lives in Australia. As part of the donation experience, the Blood Service provides a range of refreshments for donors to eat and drink to re-energise after donating.

The Biscuit was brought into donor centres as a refreshment option in line with a Marketing Campaign which featured the Biscuit in the advertising. As this advertising campaign has now come to an end, the Blood Service team made the decision to phase out the Byron Bay Biscuit in centres.

We will continue to supply a range of refreshments (including other sweet treats) for our donors and listen to donor feedback and take on board suggestions and recommendations from our donors.

Many thanks again for getting in touch."

Sadly no mention that they were going to "Bring Back the Cookie"

Which is now why I am drawing up this petition as I know there are many other Australians who donate their time and blood to "save lives" and that they also to look forward to "the Cookie". I believe we can effect change and so am asking for your support to "make change" and ensure that the thank you from the Red Cross Blood Service still includes "the Cookie".

Share this petition with your friends so we can reach our goal and send this petition on to the decision maker and get the cookie back.

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