Prosecute News Corp for Hateful and Ignorant Presentation of Unemployed

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Prosecute News Corp for Hateful and Ignorant Presentation of Unemployed

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Australian Unemployed Workers' Union started this petition to Australian Press Council and

News Corp really hates the unemployed. And they want you to hate them too.

According to News Corp's hateful articles, if you can't find work its your own fault. Unemployed workers are therefore 'lazy', 'dole bludgers', 'job snobs', 'shirkers', 'leaners', 'taxed nots', 'NEETs', 'rorters', 'fraudsters'. The list goes on.

News Corp never mention that there are only 18 job seekers competing for every job vacancy going by official figures, that the Newstart rate is just under $400 below the poverty line, or the nightmare of dealing with a punitive job agency hell-bent on pushing unemployed workers to the brink so they can make a quick buck.

Instead, News Corp perpetuate the same old hateful and ignorant stereotypes without providing any substantive evidence. News Corp articles doesn't just reduces the self worth of unemployed workers - it also leads to increased abuse being aimed at the unemployed by the general public. 

Given that unemployed Workers are already at increased risk of depression and suicide this sort of reporting is not only ignorant, it is also very dangerous. Put simply, News Corp are putting lives at risk.

2016 has been a big year for News Corp unfairly bashing the unemployed.

First there was the article which incorrectly stated that "a quarter of all dole recipients are skipping job interviews or failing to accept decent work." This article is confusing 'job agency appointments' with job interviews but as of today, is still publishing this outright lie.

Second, there was another article which made the outrageous claim that "70,000 dole bludgers are exploiting a medical loophole to avoid having to get a job by claiming they are too sick to work". 

With one quarter of all Newstart recipients suffering from a 'significant disability' (roughly 200,000), this is ludicrous article presented these sick people as somehow rorting the system.

And lastly there was the 'NEETs' scandal, which was a story completely fabricated by the Daily Telegraph to once again bash the unemployed.

This has to stop now.

The Australian Unemployed Workers' Union is calling on the Press Council of Australia and the Australian Communications and Media Authority to regulate News Corp and reign in the rabid elements in the media that are hell bent on perpetuating dangerous myths about unemployed workers.

Sign this petition and send a clear message that this must stop now!

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This petition had 543 supporters