#FREEDRPAIX - INNOCENT War Veteran kidnapped by Australian Police


#FREEDRPAIX - INNOCENT War Veteran kidnapped by Australian Police

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Heather Paix started this petition to AUSTRALIAN POLICE and

To the everyday Australian,

I plead with you: Help free my father, an Australian War Veteran (WGCDR, RAAF) and Trauma Specialist / Anaesthetist / Volunteer CFS Firefighter. He was kidnapped by Australian Police on Sunday 6th February 2022 in Canberra under deliberate false allegations, and is being held hostage and toyed with in Alexander Maconochie Centre, Canberra Australia.

He may spend a minimum of 6 weeks in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Please help us set him free!


No doubt you have caught drift of Dr. Bruce Paix, who was imprisoned unlawfully in Canberra on Sunday, under the rouse of a "Traffic Infringement" that did not happen.

He has been accused of ramming a traffic official, despite his vehicle being stationary at the time and the official slamming his hands on the car bonnet to attract the attention of Police. He was arrested at the scene.

Australian Police are using him as an example, to quash free speech and intimidate the Australian people into submission. He is effectively a political prisoner in Australia, a well known face who has spoken at rallies and interviews. He has been kidnapped by the police while attempting to protest for our freedoms, which are civil rights and liberties in Australia.

We are talking about a man who has deployed 7 times to dangerous countries as a senior WGCDR in the Air Force, (Banda Aceh, East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq) and represented this country for several decades proudly wearing the ADF uniform. His children endured a fairly consistent "Dad Shaped Hole" in their younger years due to his career and military choices that were demanding and time consuming.

Dr Paix has now been forcibly discharged from the Airforce due to not following the narrative, via generic email, after over 30 years of service and dangerous deployments.

He is also now no longer allowed to practice as an anaesthetist, a professional for 32 years, banished due to his decision to oppose medical tyranny. 

Dr. Bruce Paix refused bail on 6/2/22 at the Watch House as his conditions stated he must not protest.

He then withdrew his bail application a second time on 7/2/22 within the courts as his new proposed conditions were:

1) You must leave Canberra immediately
2) You must not protest

Both of these conditions are clearly irrelevant to his arrest charge, (which was "Furious/Dangerous/Reckless Driving". Nothing to do with protesting)

These ridiculous charges suspiciously indicate that police are concerned about him as a public influencer and want him "extinguished".

His appeal is expected to be Friday this week but may be delayed.

With the appeal looming, if no acceptable bail conditions can be arranged, he will spend a minimum of 6 weeks behind bars until his hearing on the 21st March 2022. (For an alleged traffic infringement???)


And worst still, he is INNOCENT! Video footage and two witnesses can prove this.

Ask yourself, why would a man like this, with 32 years as a medical professional, trained to help and save people, and 7 deployments into hostile territory suddenly deliberately ram into an official?

He has been set up, and he needs our help.

I am reaching out to you, pleading for your support. Help us get this innocent veteran released from prison and reunited with us, his family.

We need the people to stand together and show their support for him like he has done for us.

Relevant video material:





Please help us set Dr. Bruce Paix free from his kidnapping by Australian Police, for a crime he did not commit.

Yours Graciously,

Heather Paix

(Dr Bruce Paix's daughter)




This petition made change with 4,583 supporters!

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